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SGC-admin - About S&G | 2020-04-16 | Count:2712

Since the opening of Kaohsiung Port's  Free Trade Zone,  the company has as of 2014 acquired permission to a
total of 43,967m2 of land at the A5 storage site of the Intercontinental Storage Center (a total of 12.2 hectares).
The initial operations of the company focused on the warehousing and logistics operations of non-ferrous metal
from the London Metal Exchange (LME). Currently, the company has completed the construction of two
warehouses named B Warehouse and C Warehouse, respectively, and has passed the highest standard of LME
certification, becoming the first Taiwan and foreign-funded joint venture LME delivery warehouse in Taiwan.
Accordingly, the company has become the most competitive metal warehousing and logistics service in the
Asia Pacific region.




In response to the rapid changes in the international environment, it is imperative to increase the company's
diversified business service projects to meet customer needs. Especially due to the opening of the Container
No. 6 and 7 at Kaohsiung Port’s F Zone, there is no doubt that the congregation of international logistics in the
area will increase rapidly. In the face of these changing times, the company has set up a
Container Freight Station (CFS) in preparation for this once in a lifetime opportunity to serve our domestic and
international clients. With the advantages of having significant space in the area, paired with convenient
transportation, proximity to the port, and more, the company believes that its bold investment will not only improve
the company's international competitiveness, but also provide different service choices for the global logistics
industry. This is the first time that Kaohsiung Port has applied for a container terminal in the past ten years,
and the company is excited to announce that it has successfully obtained the business license and customs
registration certificate for the CFS. It is fully operational as of May 2019.