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Advantages of Free Trade Zone

  1. Cargoes flow freely in the FTZ → Cargo move freely in and out, unrestricted by border control

  2. Added value for cargo → Adding value to cargo through simple processing

  3. Eligible for tax abatement → Exempt from tariffs, cargo tax, business tax, trade promotion service fee, commercial port service fee, and business income tax from the export of processed cargo (10% for domestic sales)

  4. Within national territory, but outside customs territory → Cargo stored inland, but exempted from tariffs

  5. Independent management in FTZ → Highly independent management within FTZ, export cargo inspection-free with easy and fast customs clearance


S&G has acquired significant space at the port area, with designated parking spaces big enough to fit multiple trailers and trucks. The layout of the space will also not hinder any vehicles headed for Kao Ming Port.

S&G has created an optimized and efficient circulation for tow trucks to lower accident rates and to enhance productivities.


Storage and Operational Capacity

Maximum storage at present

  • Container Yard:1,200 TEU
  • Station:

    CFS(Container Freight Station):11,200 Tons

    FTZ(Free Trade Zone):60,000Tons

Maximum working capacity

  • Container Yard:7,200 TEU/month
  • Station:

    CFS(Container Freight Station):45,000 Tons/month

    FTZ(Free Trade Zone):40,000 Tons/month

Insurance and Security

S&G has set up 40 monitors with record-keeping up to 30 days.


Any container, cargo, or personnel leaving or entering the premises must be registered. Containers and cargoes are also counted and checked at regular intervals. Warehouses are each equipped with safety measures such as thermal sensing systems, electromagnetic anti-theft systems on all windows and doors, and regular night-time patrols to safeguard our client’s interests.


Insurance are covered for all cargo.