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Container Terminal

  1. Container Stuffing and unloading

  2. General warehousing

  3. Inland depot

  4. Container storage

  5. Container Maintenance and repairing

  6. Truck & haulage

  7. Container cleaning


Storage and Operational Capacity

Maximum storage at present

  • Container Yard:1,200 TEU
  • Station:

    CFS(Container Freight Station):11,200 Tons

    FTZ(Free Trade Zone):60,000Tons

Maximum working capacity

  • Container Yard:7,200TEU/month
  • Station:

    CFS(Container Freight Station):45,000 Tons/month

    FTZ(Free Trade Zone):40,000 Tons/month

Free Trade Zone

  1. Providing FTZ warehousing and logistics service.

  2. Cargo processing, packing , assembling

  3. Cargo Re-export, transshipment, and delivery.

  4. LME metals warehousing and logistics service.

  5. Subcontracting


Advantages of Free Trade Zone:

  • Cargoes flow freely in the FTZ → Cargo move freely in and out, unrestricted by border control

  • Added value for cargo → Adding value to cargo through simple processing

  • Eligible for tax abatement → Exempt from tariffs, cargo tax, business tax, trade promotion service fee, commercial port service fee, and business income tax from the export of processed cargo (10% for domestic sales)

  • Within national territory, but outside customs territory → Cargo stored inland, but exempted from tariffs

  • Independent management in FTZ → Highly independent management within FTZ, export cargo inspection-free with easy and fast customs clearance